People with missing teeth no longer have to rely on removable dentures to restore their smiles. Dental implants offer a more comfortable, natural-looking, and permanent solution for tooth loss and other dental concerns.

Missing or damaged teeth can impact more than just your appearance. They can also take a toll on your self-confidence, your ability to eat and speak comfortably, and even your long-term health and well-being. In a single procedure, our Smart Arches dental implant specialists can transform your smile. We’re here to break down some of the incredible benefits of getting dental implants!

1. Healthier gums

Teeth offer essential protection for the gums. When we lose a tooth, the remaining gum socket becomes vulnerable to harmful bacteria. These pathogens can build up over time and ultimately lead to gum disease and further tooth loss. A dental implant will provide the protection your gums need to stay healthy and strong.

2. Immediate results

Unlike with other common cosmetic procedures, you don’t have to go through a lengthy recovery process before seeing the final result of your dental implant treatment. Depending on your current oral health, you may be a candidate for same-day dental implants. That means you can achieve your dream smile in just one appointment!

The procedure is also relatively quick and convenient, with one implant taking approximately 1-2 hours to place.

3. A more radiant smile

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. A missing or otherwise damaged tooth can impact your appearance and distract from your other features. With a custom-made dental implant, your smile will look more radiant and beautiful than ever. Patients are often amazed by the immediate smile transformation that can be achieved with high-quality dental implants.

We can even completely replace one or both rows of teeth with All-on-4 dental implants, providing the perfect solution for patients missing all or most of their teeth.

4. More comfortable eating

Missing, decayed, or chipped teeth present a number of problems that can impact your daily comfort. One common issue relates to the way you eat. Certain foods can be unpleasant or even painful to chew without all of your teeth. This leads many people to avoid entire food groups, potentially causing nutritional deficiencies and making the process of eating less enjoyable.

Dental implants can restore comfortable chewing and improve overall nutrition!

5. Improved confidence

Many patients with missing teeth or other significant dental concerns struggle with self-confidence. Some people even find themselves hiding their teeth when they smile in photos or may even avoid social situations.

Dental implants can improve your appearance and restore your confidence in your smile in a single procedure. They can also be paired with a variety of cosmetic treatments as part of a total smile makeover!

6. Long-lasting results

One of the advantages of choosing dental implants rather than traditional dentures is that they offer permanent results.

On average, dentures typically need to be adjusted every 1-2 years and replaced every 7-10 years. Dental implants, on the other hand, can last a lifetime! Implants are also much more comfortable and secure, and they require less maintenance. Just take care of your dental implants like you would your natural teeth!

7. Straighter teeth

When we lose a tooth, it’s common for the surrounding teeth to shift in order to accommodate the gap. This can lead to a crooked smile that can make your teeth harder to clean and impact your confidence. A dental implant will fill the empty space and keep the rest of your teeth in the optimal position.

8. Natural-looking appearance

Dental implants are custom-made to look just like your natural teeth. The dental implant itself is a small titanium post that’s secured into the jawbone, providing essential support in the same way a natural tooth root does. Then, a tooth restoration (generally a crown or a bridge) is securely attached to the implant.

The tooth restorations used in dental implant procedures are made to match the shape, size, and color of your existing teeth!

9. Improved jawbone health

Did you know that tooth loss can actually change the shape of your face? When a missing tooth goes untreated, the surrounding jawbone may deteriorate over time, resulting in bone-related health problems and changes in facial appearance. In turn, adequate bone health is essential to the success of dental implants and the health of our teeth.

If you’ve sustained jawbone loss, you can still get dental implants and restore the health of your facial structures. At Smart Arches, we offer advanced bone grafting treatment that will improve bone density and prepare your jaw to support a dental implant.

10. Lower risk of systemic diseases

Over time, missing or broken teeth can lead to an accumulation of oral bacteria in the mouth. This increases the risk of developing gum disease and allows potentially dangerous pathogens to enter the body through the digestive system or bloodstream.

Accompanied by proper oral care habits and professional cleanings, dental implants can reduce your risk of developing systemic health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Transform your smile and your life with advanced dental implant treatment!

At Smart Arches, our dental implant specialists provide patients with life-changing smile transformations every single day. With a staff of compassionate and highly trained professionals on your side, you can enjoy a radiant, healthy smile for years to come.

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